Business dedicated Leased

Lines from only £99 per month

Using our unique Air-Beam Technology

1. No Contract*

2. Uncontended Internet to make your business fly.

3. Service available from April 2018

* No long term contract, stay with us for 2 months or 200 months, all we require is one month notice to cancel. 
See our simple pricing structure below.

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We believe your business can grow over time so if you wish to start on our excellent 20mb download and 20mb upload service we can upgrade you at any time onto the next level of service.
20mb Download 20mb Upload
Ideal for 10 to 20 users
30mb Download 30mb Upload
Ideal for 15 to 30 users
40mb Download 40mb Upload
Heavier use for up to 40 users
50mb Download 50mb upload
Ideal for moving large files around and 50 users
75mb Download 75mb Upload
Ideal for 80+users, running servers etc
100mb Download 100mb Upload
Handle 150 users easily, servers, streaming etc
1gb Download and 1gb upload
£99   pm + vat
£125 pm + vat
£150 pm + vat
£180 pm + vat
£225 pm + vat
£249 pm + vat
£995 pm + vat