Our data and Voice solutions utilise the very best in technology and the lowest possible cost.

Dedicated Hosted Server

All of our clients have their servers hosted in the cloud. This reduces the need for an on site admin person, the hassle of changing tapes for backup and maintaining disaster recovery plans. Our servers are highly spec'd Dell devices with the latest Software. All with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% SLA

Leased Lines

We supply leased lines from £99 per month with lead time of 10 days subject to site survey.  

We now are able to offer 4G unlimited broadband from as low as £55 per month

Structured Cabling

We can add to your existing network or recable a new building to your needs. Ensuring gigabyte capable cabling, sockets and hubs are located where you need them.

Internal WiFi

Internal WiFi units can be a pain to install and configure. We utilise the Ubiquity range of access points which have large throughput and long range.


Traditional voice solutions can be expensive with overhead costs of on site PBX's and call costs. We provide either on site or hosted virtual PBX's with many more features  which have little or no maintenance and are less expensive than existing systems 


Our team of software developers can design a bespoke database for you, or provide a text messaging broadcast solution for example.