Track & Trace

It is now a  requirement for you to capture names and phone numbers of people entering your building for hospitality. Most venues use a notebook pen and paper, a dreadful focus for Covid-19 to gather and infect.

Have you thought about how you would provide the authorities with the data you collect in the event of an outbreak? Very labour intensive and inaccurate.

We at Plimtech have designed our own track and trace digital system. Visitors would scan a QR code strategically placed within your building or on tables. They are then prompted to enter their name and number. 

Simple. They scan the code with their phone camera, fill out 2 fields then save. At the back end of this is a management interface whereby an admin person can login and see who has signed in on any given day. The list is then easily exported to a spreadsheet for passing to authorities.

We currently have this service running in several Lothian golf clubs. It is saving staff time and  members and visitors find it very easy to use, taking only a few seconds of their time.

If your venue is a club, we can import your member details, allowing them to just use their member number to sign in.

This sounds like an expensive solution but it is not. ONLY £12 + VAT per month with no contract term. cancel any time. 

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